"Hacking is the art of esoteric quests, of priceless and worthless secrets. Odd bits of raw data from smashed machinery of intelligence and slavery reassembled in a mosaic both hilarious in its absurdity, and frightening in it's power." Dr. Who 4113

The Hacker Nations

Some hacking culture information: { lexicon }

These sets and subsets are also divided by skill and purpose. Some of the members will get bored fast and don't do much, others dedicate their lifestyle to the sole purpose of their passion.

Generations of hackers

  1. Generation One: 1970-79 { socially outcast and brilliant in effort & code }
  2. Generation Two: 1980-1988 { vastly overknowledged and frustrated at the lack of knowledge available }
  3. Generation Three: 1989-1995 { in the limelight of illegal pursuits, greater span of knowledge; lacking in certain skills of the first two generations }
  4. Generation Four: 1996-1998 { security conscious & ravenous for any information }
  5. Generation Five: 1999-Present { Those who store/edit or manipulate the information we see so as to shape or redefine the society to which it is expressed to.} The Most dangerous type!
With the internet being the society of information and not of culture, this next generation will be able to shape the entire world by their own means. Don't know about you, but that scares me!

Hacking as we know it had a beginning and it will have an ending. However; hacking as we understand it is a small form of a greater action - that being a rebellious manipulation of knowledge. Hacking in it's purest form has existed since humankind first learned how to create. And humankind first subverted its creation for its own purposes.

Now for the meat of the matter:
I am a Generation Two hacker, I don't do anything malicious or break into systems; at least not without getting paid for it. Which makes me a so called white hat hacker...

Please visit  http://tatumweb.com/iptools.htm for the IP tools that were here.
That is the PROPER lcoation and author of the Code that was here. I was misinformed by a fellow Hacker who said the code was his.
Take note people always make absolutely certain of your information. In today's information age, it is careless and stupid not to do otherwise.
My apolgies to Rich Tatum for not doing my research and getting his permission

For other 'HACKER' links see me directly or my main page.
I will only be updating my links { on this page } when new or better technology comes along
  1. .../faqs/hacker-howto.html
  2. D.I.R.T.
  3. How to Build a HERF Device
  4. How to Build a LASER Listener
  5. How to Benchtop TEMPEST Interceptor
  6. Anti-Online A group of not so cool dudes!
  7. Attrition.org
  8. Hacker News Network
  9. Daily Hack News
  10. Active Matrix's Hideaway - Excellent sight! { pun intended }
  11. Cracking.... The Code of Ethics
  12. Remote Explorer
  13. E-Mail Bombs and Countermeasures
  14. How to find security holes
  15. Flaws in Computer Systems
  16. Autonomous Mobile Cyber Weapons
  17. Cracking DES
  18. PalmPilot Phreaking
  19. Exploit World
  20. Microsoft Security Exploits
  21. Techniques Adopted By "System Crackers"
  22. How to finger a user via telnet
  23. How to forge email -- and how to spot forgeries
  24. How finger can be used as to crack into non-public parts of an Internet host
  25. How to get Usenet spammers kicked off their ISPs
  26. More on dealing with Usenet spammers
  27. How to nuke offensive Web sites
  28. Internet for Dummies
  29. Linux for beginners
  30. Intro to TCP/IP - Oversized ping packet and denial-of-service exploits explained
  31. More on TCP/IP - Port surfing! Daemons!
  32. The L0pht
  33. Black Crawling Systems Archives
  34. Cult of the Dead Cow
  35. 2600 Magazine
  36. The Original & World Famous "CrookBook"
  37. European Satellite Hacking Page
  38. Phrack Magazine
  39. Brians Hacking Page
  40. Ice9
  41. Sniffit
  42. Ways that Malicious Hackers can get your Passwords
  43. Technotronic
  44. Reverse Code Engineering
  45. German Computer Freaks
  46. Chaos Computer Club
  47. HTML Hacking Scripts
  48. The How To Hacker's Defense Site in Zero to 60 Seconds
  49. The Nexus
  50. The Black Hole
  51. The Replay Remailer - Anonymous E-mail ;-)
  52. E-Mail Bomber

  53. The Goose
  54. The Internet Underground
  55. Welcome to the Underground - No More Secrets
  56. Wiretap at Spies.Com
  57. DefCon
  58. Guide to Lockpicking
  59. Telecom Digest Archives for Phreakers
  60. Underground Filez
  61. Hacks & Cracks Home Page
  62. Kludge
  63. Crypt Newsletter
  64. White Lightning
  65. Hacking & Phreaking Filez - A - H
  66. Hacking & Phreaking Filez - I - Q
  67. Hacking & Phreaking Filez - R - Z
  68. Hacking in Progress
  69. Bokler's Guide to "Cracker" Software
  70. The Raven's List
  71. Biohazard
  72. Captain Crunch
  73. Fravia's Reverse Engineering Page
  74. The Hacker Crackdown
  75. Unauthorized Access
  76. Mind Vox
  77. Minor Threat
  78. The Havoc Technical Journal
  79. EHAP - Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia
  80. Klon
  81. Legion of Doom
  82. Logic Bomb's Information Tenement
  83. Phone Losers of America
  84. Satan
  85. Steppin's Underground Links
  86. Takedown
  87. Lost in the Matrix
  88. The Strange World of Tapu
  89. RootShell - Tons of Filez & Appz for Hacking
  90. Chaostic.com
  91. Hackers Domain
  92. The Final Frontier's Virus & Source Code Links
  93. Computer Virus Research Lab
  94. Phreak's Virii
  95. Welcome to Godland - Virii
  96. Learning about Cryptography
  97. Crypto Glossary and Dictionary of Technical Cryptography
  98. Windows Buffer Overflow
  99. 1631 Providers of Internet Access
  100. System One
  101. Nightmare Jokers Virii World
  102. The 80's Hacking Text Archives
  103. MailBomber Archives
  104. Man Eats Dog
  105. The Hacking & Anarchy Archives
  106. Archive of Hacked Web Sites

  107. People Hacking: The Psychology of Social Engineering
  108. Social Engineering - just a new twist on an old con game
  109. Cracking a Social Engineer
  110. The Complete Social Engineering FAQ
  111. CIAC
  112. Computer Security Technology Center
  113. COAST
  114. Computer Crime
  115. High Tech Crime Investigation Association
  116. FIRST
  117. National Computer Security Association
  118. National White Collar Crime Center
  119. InfoSecurity News
  120. SATAN
  121. Site Security HandBook

  122. Association for Computing Machinery
  123. Computer Crime Laws
  124. Computer Security Research Centre
  125. Information Security Institute
  126. NIST
  127. InfoWar
  128. Security Digest
  129. Information Systems Security Association
  130. Secure Computing Magazine
  131. The Computer Underground
  132. SPAWAR InfoSec Web Site
  133. Computer Security FAQ's
  134. UCL Crypto Group
  135. RSA Data
  136. Cypherpunks Home Page
  137. Alt.2600 Hack FAQ
  138. Computers & Society Archives
  139. Cipher
  140. Risks-List Forum Archives
  141. The Computer Security Act

  142. Crypt Newsletter Home PAge
  143. The Computer Law Observer
  144. L0pht Security Advisories
  145. Security Mailing Lists
  146. The Manhattan Cyber Project
  147. Center for Secure Information Systems
  148. Sneakers - Tiger Team Mailing List
  149. GrayAreas
  150. Journal of Computer Security
  151. Disaster Recovery Journal
  152. Virus Bulletin

  153. The WWW Security FAQ
  154. alt.comp.virus.FAQ
  155. The Sniffer FAQ
  156. The Hacker Crackdown
  157. TakeDown
  158. Break In
  159. The Social Organization of the Computer Underground
  160. Rise of the Underground Engineer
  161. Cryptography FAQ
  162. Computer Viruses - Prevention, Detection & Treatment
  163. The Green Book

  164. Guide for Protecting LAN's & WAN's
  165. Cyphernomicon
  166. Information Warfare
  167. How to Hacker-Proof your Computer System
  168. Improve the Security of your Site by Breaking into It
  169. Steganography Info & Archive
  170. United Nations Manual on Computer Related Crime
  171. Department of Justice Guidelines for Searching & Seizing Computers
  172. Computer Fraud & Abuse Act
  173. SCAB - Seized Computer Analysis Software
  174. Foreign Industrial Espionage Threat

  175. Clipper Chip Reverse Engineering
  176. IACIS
  177. Digital Crime Investigative Network
  178. Investigators & the Internet
  179. Summary of FBI Computer Systems
  180. The National Security Agency Handbook
  181. Data Recovery Software
  182. Computer Crime Research Resources

  183. TEMPEST Monitoring in the Real World
  184. TEMPEST Monitoring - How it's Done
  185. Rise of the TEMPEST
  186. Electronic Eavesdropping Machines for Christmas?
  187. The Moller Paper on TEMPEST
  188. Seline Paper on TEMPEST
  189. EMP & TEMPEST Protection for Facilities
  190. The ORIGINAL Wim Van Eck Paper on TEMPEST
  191. Reception of Electromagnetic Radiation from RS232 Cables
  192. Complete TEMPEST Solutions
  193. TEMPEST in a Teapot

  194. The FAA and HERF
  195. HERF - High Energy Radio Frequency
  196. Hardening your Computing Assets against HERF
  197. Killing your Enemies Computer for Fun & Profit
  198. Rumors about HERF Guns
  199. HERF & EMP
  200. Electromagnetic Effects
  201. Police Prepare Stunning End for High-Speed Car Chases
  202. Electromagnetic Methods
  203. Destructive Energy Devices
  204. Magnetic Manipulation of the Mains

  205. MIT Distribution Site for PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
  206. PGP Phone
  207. Nautilus Secure Phone Software
  208. Shredder95
  209. Garbage Can
  210. ICQ Internet Pager
  211. Misc Security Programs
  212. KeyLogger95 V. 2.0
  213. BCWipe for Windows 95/Windows NT 4.0 .
  214. Password Cracking Programs
  215. Computer Security Tools
  216. More Security Tools
  217. MS-DOS System Security Tools
  218. UNIX General Security Tools
  219. MacIntosh General Security Tools
  220. Security Tools Collection
  221. Security Tools for Internet Administrators
  222. Wall's List of Computer Security Tools
  223. Computer Security Tools & Resources
  224. Security Administration Tools

  225. Encryption & Security Tools
  226. Dave Central - Encryption Tools Archive
  227. FreeWare Encryption Tools
  228. Anti-Virus Tools Shareware & Freeware
  229. Anti-Virus Tools for 1997
  230. Anti-Virus Tools
  231. Anti-Virus Tools and Techniques
  232. Virus and Anti-virus Information
  233. Anti-Virus Scanners for Windows
  234. Anti-Virus Scanners for Windows 95
  235. TCP Sequence Predator 1
  236. TCP Sequence Predator 2
  237. UDP Denial ov Service
  238. ICMP Unreachable Attack
  239. Telnet Gateway
  240. NUKE
  241. Octopus PortStrangler
  242. Cloak