-M Zipf
-a.k.a ZipfMage

  These rules are changes from the 'norms' of Magic the gathering.
  The main idea is to make the game run smoother and quicker, giving the players a better opportunity to have fun with the game.
  Those of you who relish in the quick kill mode, should really try this. It requires a rethink of how to play Magic
Basic Premise:

  1. Magic is designed for a quick kill of the opponent(s)
  2. Cards categories are designed to expedite this
  3. 'Global approach' to playing is seldom used
  1. There is a Global Mode Cache:
    Which contains cards/spells that apply to all players
  2. The number of cards to draw at the beginning of the game vary according to the number of players. Variant 13 cards for all players
  3. Specific cards/types have had the timings/effects changed:
    1. Sorceries may be played as Permanents
      ( unless it says until end of turn)
    2. Sorceries not played as Permanents stay in play until countered ( unless it says until end of turn)
    3. Artifact creatures are both artifacts and creatures, spells must target/apply to whichever element of the card
      i.e.: spells that target artifacts don't apply if you're using the creature element
      and spells that target creatures don't apply if it's not being used as a creature

  4. You may attack yourself with your own creature(s)
  5. The 'Global Mode Cache' can be added to by paying 2 life points
  6. The following are the cards we use as defaults in the GMC:
  7. There is no such thing as 'banned' or 'restricted' cards - However; God combo's cards are frowned on:
  1. Other Rules as follows:

It is the finesse of the play that is the rule of this game not the strength of the kill.

I personally have won games against opponents who +1200 life, it's strategy that is most important in this system